Allison Earnest

The New Lighting for Product Photography

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In the Internet age, shoppers often don’t have the advantage of touching or feeling an item in order to make a logical buying decision regarding. The same is true on menus; we have to decide whether or not to order that fancy drink or dessert based on a photograph of it. This makes the job of photographers more important than ever—without the right photos, even the best product won’t sell in today’s marketplace! In this book, photographer Allison Earnest shows you how to design images to contain all the information about color, depth, shape, and texture that potential buyers will need to evaluate the product using their eyes alone—and how to entice viewers with scene setups and lighting that set the right mood or match the needs of a specific publication, website, or advertising campaign. Comprehensive text and detailed setup shots make it easy to follow along and master the principles of photographing any product beautifully!
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