Ian Ruxton,Alexander Macdonald

In Memory of Lieutenant Ian Lester MacDonald of the Black Watch, 1923–1945

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In memory of Lieutenant Ian L. MacDonald of the Black Watch, one of so many young lives sacrificed by the cruelty and tragedy of the Second World War. He was born in Scotland, but spent his early years in Chile before returning aged 13 to school at Loretto near Edinburgh (September 1936-July 1941). He died aged 21 leading his platoon in an attack on a “farmhouse” (actually a pill-box) near Goch, Germany on 25 February 1945, very shortly before the war in Europe ended. Photographs, explanatory footnotes and appendices have been added to the transcription of the handwritten manuscript which was written as part of the grieving process in 1945–46 by Alexander MacDonald (1894–1954), father of Ian MacDonald and grandfather of the editor. This is a true story which spans two continents, underlining the global nature and repercussions of World War Two for just one of countless families. “Remembered with Love and Pride.” “Lest We Forget.”
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