Linda Parkinson-Hardman

LinkedIn Made Easy: Business Social Networking Simplified

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The 3rd Edition of Linkedin Made Easy has been fully revised and expanded to include the latest updates to the Network in 2013.

New sections include how to set objectives and put a strategy in place. New chapters show you how to use the opportunities presented by the brand new profile layout, company pages, LinkedIn Today and much more. LinkedIn Made Easy is the ideal companion for the new and veteran online networker.

Whether you are a solo professional looking to forge alliances with others, the marketing director of a large multi-national conglomerate, a small business owner or a student looking for their first job; Linkedin offers something for each of you to help you achieve your goals.

With lots of helpful information about each of the main elements of LinkedIn and with a strong focus on the use of free accounts, plus a handy set of ‘Recipes for Success’ for every occasion; LinkedIn Made Easy will have you developing your personal and business strategy in record time.
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    The downside to this constant influx of information is that levels of information overload have increased exponentially.
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    I mentioned a few reasons to use LinkedIn in the introduction; I’ve included a fuller list here, just to get you thinking:
    - Write recommendations for people you know, whose work you have valued.
    - Display recommendations received from people who like your work.
    - Demonstrate your expertise by sharing presentations on your profile.
    - Give people access to your unique information and perspective through downloads and presentations.
    - List any jobs you have to the whole community.
    - Find out who is recruiting and research companies before you apply.
    - Find recommended contractors and product/service providers by asking your network.
    - Use polls for quick and simple market research.
    - Answer questions and take part in discussions demonstrating your expertise without a hint of self-promotion.
    - Take part in industry and market specific discussions.
    - Publish your own, unique LinkedIn web address on all of your marketing literature.
    - Use your status updates as a way to showcase your current list of projects.
    - Use status updates to share information, articles and resources with your network.
    - Connect with like-minded fellows who share common passions and aims.
    - Keep an eye on companies you would like to work with in the future.
    - Follow the latest business news and updates from people you admire.

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