Carole Mortimer,Andrea Laurence,Lucy King

New Year Kisses

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{"em"=>[{"strong"=>["Three very eligible bachelors"]}]}
{"strong"=>["His Cinderella Mistress"]}
Millionaire lawyer Max Golding wants to play Prince Charming to January Calendar’s Cinderella, but she suspects he wants her family’s land! January knows he might be trying melt her resistance in the warmth of his bed — so why can’t she say no to his kiss?
{"strong"=>["Undeniable Demands"]}
When Wade Mitchell needs something from Victoria Sullivan, he has to reconsider his usual tactics. Since he and Tori have enough heat to melt ice, it should be a done deal. But melting Tori’s resolve is a harder task. When negotiation fails, seduction may be his only option…
{"strong"=>["The Reunion Lie"]}
Inventing a fake fiancé was an act of desperation for Zoe Montgomery — a knee-jerk response to her horrifying high school reunion! But convincing London’s most unattainable bachelor to play the part only makes things worse. Because everyone wants a piece of tycoon Dan Forrester…including Zoe!
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