Marilyn Fae

Break In

Allie wakes with a stranger in her bed and panics. And that's before she realizes that she's been tied in place, thick ropes keeping her trapped exactly where she is. She blinks up at the man— the werewolf who has her locked in place and open her mouth to plea— to beg.

She hears the sound of flesh meeting flesh, and then feels the sting on her cheek. Fear clutches around her throat and clenches her heart. It's hard to breathe— harder still to think-

But she doesn't need to worry. Someone's coming for her. She's the mate of a powerful Alpha Werewolf and her bodyguard is also an Alpha. It's just a matter of whether they can make it in time…

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Pathetic,” he growls to himself even as he makes his way upstairs, checking in on his young charge even though there’s no need to. As the head of her security team, he is allowed to be paranoid about her safety.

There are cameras in her room, but they've opted to stop using it once she turned eighteen. He cheats sometimes and turns it on, though, just to make sure she's alright on her own.

It must be lonely, being on her own all the time.

He supposes it's a good thing that the Alpha has finally decided to have her move in with him. She wouldn't have to sleep alone anymore— but she wouldn't need him anymore either.

Jesus. His mind is going around in circles. He makes his way towards her apartment, ignoring the empty rooms adjacent to hers.

It's very faint, but the closer he gets to her room, the more sounds he hears. He shouldn't be able to hear anything at all.

He gets closer and realizes that he can hear noises coming from the apartment because the door isn't closed all the way. Did the men not make sure she's home safely before leaving her alone? He's being paranoid again. There's no one-

“Please,” he hears her voice in a soft whimper and his beast surges to the forefront of his mind, seizing control. Before he knows what's he's doing, he has pushed the door open and is letting himself into the apartment he has only been inside once when he was setting up the video cameras, and thereafter on a screen.

He sees everything so vividly now. He sees his precious young mistress tied up on the bed with tear tracks down her cheeks, her hair askew and white dress torn in places. He sees a man straddling her and his fingers around her neck.

He sees red and he sees blood.
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