Arian Wulf

Werewolf Lover

When Tina decided to get away from it all and take a job in the middle of nowhere, she looked forward to a complete change from the city life to which she was accustomed. As far as the simple island life is concerned, for Tina, it is very much the change for the better. The only jarring note is the abrasive relationship that promptly grows between her and her new employer, the disconcerting Alpha Werewolf who seems adamant on finding fault in everything she does.

It is unnatural for them to hate each other on sight, what with her Cat Shifter nature. Despite their animosity towards one another, there is an undeniable attraction between them that neither of them is prepared for.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“What's wrong, darling?” he hums, looking down at her with passion-dark, confused eyes.

“I'm… I'm afraid,” she confesses.

“Afraid of what? Me?”

She shakes her head, and feels guilty for spoiling the moment. “Oh um— your knot?” she whispers. “You're very big,” she murmurs.

“I'll be gentle, love,” his hand curls around the back of her neck, thumb gently kneading the downy fur that's intermingled with her hair there. “I'll never harm you,” he says. “I can't promise that it won't hurt, but if you ever want to stop, we can stop right away, okay?”

She nods, numb to everything but that smoldering look. She trusts him, a thousand, a million percent, but this— this is all so new to her. Everything about him is new to her.

“Is there anything else?” he asks.

She licks her lips, and her eyes flickering to his before dropping to his pants. She doesn't need to get the words out, thankfully, because he's standing and unfastening the buttons, expert fingers taking off not just his pants, but his shirt and boxers, going completely naked in front of her.
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