A Map of Everything, Elizabeth Earley
Elizabeth Earley

A Map of Everything

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Anne’s sister, a bright and lovely teenager, sustains a traumatic brain injury after a near-fatal car accident. As a result, Anne and her siblings and parents are thrown into a decades-long struggle for belonging, deliverance and redemption — with surprising results. A MAP OF EVERYTHING intimately explores the fragile nature of family dynamics, revealing what is salvaged, what is lost, and what is gained after a tragedy hits home.


“Inventive, searingly honest, gorgeously written, this book will both break and heal your heart. A MAP OF EVERYTHING, Elizabeth Earley charts her own fresh and dazzling territory.” —Gayle Brandeis, author of The Book of Dead Birds & Self Storage

“Elizabeth Earley’s A MAP OF EVERYTHING is one of the most structurally inventive and emotionally remarkable books I’ve come across in quite a while.” —Rob Roberge, author of The Cost of Living

“An exploration of love and tragedy, what we owe to others and what we owe to ourselves, A MAP OF EVERYTHING is eloquent, moody and strangely poetic.” —Michelle Tea, Sister Spit co-founder; author of The Chelsea Whistle and Valencia

“The writing in A MAP OF EVERYTHING is beautiful. Never shying away from the difficult, and embracing the big emotions, Earley has given us a strong, graceful and finely-etched novel.” —Leonard Chang, author of Crossings
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