Ron Neff

Goodbye, My Love

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Goodbye, My Love provides a step-by-step guide to mending your broken heart, beginning with exactly what a broken heart is — and why it feels the way it does. Lost love is grief, grief has stages, and hence your feelings keep changing along the way. So does what you need to do — to quickly and effectively process those feelings, moving to the next stage, and soon to resolution and peace. Early on Dr. Neff examines many roadblocks: myths and folk wisdoms that actively work against you, as well as why many of your own natural impulses are best avoided. Mending a broken heart is not a simple matter. It doesn't come down to one, two, or even ten points on a checklist. There are dozens of Dos and Don'ts. It is not necessary to do all of these right, but the more of them you follow — the faster you'll heal yourself. And Goodbye, My Love lays out all of these guidelines and exercises one at a time, in plain and simple language.
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