Eddie A Zacapa

Essentials for Cultivating Passionate Volunteers and Leaders

Finding and cultivating quality volunteers is not easy. Many organizations are looking for volunteers to help them provide services and fulfill their mission. Yet, there seems to be a scarcity when it comes to finding volunteers, and when found, retaining them is another challenge.
This book will help you find volunteers, train them, and increase your chances of keeping them long term. Eddie Zacapa has worked for over 20 years with volunteers in nonprofits and will help you build your team of volunteers. In the book he gives various examples from his experiences with volunteers.
This book will help you:
· Inspire and motivate volunteers and staff
· Listen to others effectively and offer quality feedback
· Reduce turnover and cultivate passion in the workplace
· Improve productivity
· Develop a culture of mentorship and learning
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Edward Zacapa



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