Aída Besançon Spencer

Más Allá de la Maldición

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In print for over three decades in English and a decade in French, la reverenda doctora Aida Besancon Spencer's Beyond the Curse: Women Called to Ministry is finally available in a fully corrected and updated Spanish version. Praised in Christianity Today as one of the five best books on the topic and selected by Eternity as a book of the year, Mas alla de la maldicion studies the biblical support of women in ministry, treating the Bible as reliable and authoritative. A key source that has helped shape current discussions on the role of women in ministry, the book includes Genesis support for shared tasks as equals, Jesus' and Paul's teachings and practice on women in ministry, the Bible's examples of women in authoritative positions, feminine metaphors for God, and an afterword written by the Rev. Dr. William David Spencer on how husband and wife have practically worked on sharing tasks.
o Here is a technical female biblical scholar who brings strong credentials to set forth a fresh examination of the biblical texts to women in life and ministry. --Southwestern Journal of Theology
o Spencer's book is unique. --The Reformed Journal
o A more truly biblical approach. --Dr. Ward Gasque
o Besancon Spencer handles well the supposedly difficult Pauline passages in 1 Timothy 2. --Alvera Mickelsen
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