Stacey Gorlicky

Food, Sex, and You

A look at our relationship with food and sex, what happens when we become too dependent on either, and how to start recovering.

The need for food and the desire for sex are two of the most powerful forces driving evolution. Yet every day, psychotherapist Stacey Gorlicky is confronted by clients who fear one or both.

Gorlicky has set out to help readers to recognize their blind obsession with, or fear of, either of these two powerful drives, and to embark on a voyage of self-discovery into the hidden childhood and cultural influences that have shaped them. Obsessing over ten pounds can be as self-destructive as obsessing over sixty — either can be a sign of addiction arising from a distorted body image. This book is about sharing creative and insightful experiences, along with providing vital new information, both for those who are just discovering that yo-yo dieting doesn’t work, and for those who have already confronted food and sexual disorders.
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    b2036439837compartió una citahace 2 años
    Food — its indulgence and avoidance — was the focus of my life, and since I hated my out-of-control body, I feared and avoided sex.

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