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Montana – Lyrebird Lake Book 1

The Midwives of Lyrebird Lake — where every day brings a miracle.

Montana Book 1

For midwife Montana, finding out she was pregnant was the best moment of her life. But days later she was widowed.
Nine months have passed, her daughter is born, and Montana knows she needs a fresh start.
Dr Andy Buchanan is building services at Lyrebird Lake Hospital and he wants Montana for the new maternity unit. He can't get the beautiful new mum out of his mind.

Lyrebird Lake is the perfect place for Montana to build a new life — with Andy?
And then there's the magical myth of the lyrebirds…

Dear Reader
I loved Montana's story from the first moment I pictured the sunrise scene on the mountain. The idea of Montana and her friends moving to Lyrebird Lake to find their forever homes in each book has been such an ongoing pleasure. Revisiting and expanding these stories has been a joy.
I've savoured the wonderful people who inhabit the town and the way it grows, giving me smiles, tears and laugh out loud moments. I hope you, too, grow to cherish the amazing community of Lyrebird Lake and the journeys my caring midwives take to find the happiness they deserve.
Fiona McArthur brings you a fabulous new Series…

The Midwives of LYREBIRD LAKE
Every day brings a miracle…
It's time for these midwives to become mothers themselves!
In the first book we meet widowed mum Montana Browne in…

Book 1

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