Olufunke Okeni

Defying Inertia

Getting straight to the point about the silent invisible killer of purpose, Defying Inertia: How To Unlock Your Inner Magic, Get Things Done and Find Fulfillment is a practical 360-degree full circle framework for getting unstuck in life. This groundbreaking book is a compilation of some of the amazing insights and lessons Olufunke Okeni learned on her self-improvement journey.

Brilliantly analytical and passionate about helping people, Olufunke Okeni provides an insightful look into the humbling self-reflective journey everyone must embark on to live a life wholly. Defying Inertia takes the reader on an intimate journey through themselves. This intimate exploration is critical to surpassing conventional definitions of success. They launch the reader into doing things that give them fulfillment. Introspective with a healthy appreciation for external environmental influences, Olufunke Okeni welcomes the reader to embrace a wholesome approach to life. Defying Inertia: How To Unlock Your Inner Magic, Get Things Done and Find Fulfillment reveals practical strategies that will teach you to identify success-inhibiting thought patterns, own your actions, form good habits and create a system that leads to the elusive ultimate goal in life— fulfillment.

Originally written as a love letter to herself, the principles and wisdom revealed in Defying Inertia will help anyone overcome procrastination, get into the motion of doing things and living life fully, regardless of their background, identity and personality type.

These insights have worked for so many people all around the world who have met and worked with Olufunke over the past 20 years. Now it’s your turn. Get Ready. Get Set. Go!
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