Guru Ganesha Singh,Karan Khalsa

Yoga & Mantras for Prosperity

It is time to open yourself to the prosperity and abundance you deserve Learn the tools for welcoming all that you want into your life. Open yourself to the flow of wealth and comfort that is awaiting you. Spirit Voyage’s Kundalini Transformation Kit: Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity is a tool kit for releasing yourself from the cycle of want and allowing true prosperity to flow to you. See your life transform as you are showered with the gifts of abundance This beautiful book has two sections. The first section focuses on Ten Guiding Principles of Prosperity. GuruGanesha Singh says, “Over the course of my life, I have learned through trial and error what opens me up to the flow of prosperity. In these pages, I have focused those things into ten unique principles to live by. These are the guiding principles of prosperity consciousness that I live by. Try them. You will see that abundance starts to flow your way.” The second section consists of 6 incredible Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, each one working on a different aspect of prosperity. The accompanying CD contains the music that is used in practicing each of these kriyas. They are: 1. Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful by GuruGanesha Singh and Snatam Kaur Prosperity Affirmation2. Prosperity Har by Prabhu Nam Kaur & Snatam KaurPowerful Prosperity Meditation3. Bahota Karam by Sat Hari Singh and Hari Bhajan Nanak’s Abundant Gifts Meditation4. Ardas Bhaee by Mirabai Ceiba Meditation for Your Life’s Needs5. Har Har Har Har Gobinday by GuruGanesha Singh Fearless Prosperity Meditation6. Gurprasad Meditation: Guru’s NectarSpirit Voyage has created the Kundalini Transformation Kit series to offer a set of meditations and principles to live by to support your life’s needs. This tool kit incorporates Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, whose powerful yogic technology supports so many aspects of our day-to-day lives.It is our hope that using these tool kits will provide you with a source to improve your life and transform it into the manifestation of your hopes for your self and your soul. Spirit Voyage believes that music has the power to transform the planet, one person at a time. By incorporating the beauty of the sound current into these yogic meditations, we use the technology of Naad yoga to create a vibration that imprints the impact of these meditations deep into the psyche. You can use these meditations one by one, practicing each one for 11 to 40 days, or you can use them in combinations, practicing them at different times of day. Create a sacred space in your home to practice these meditations. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the experience of them.We wish you deep and positive transformation!
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