Mamdooh Al-Radadi

Marriage & Relationships

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Mamdooh Al-Radadi takes a hit at the social arena for destroying the sacred shrine called marriage and relationships. Through a very straightforward and direct approach he tackles the issue from a different angel, not what they say, but what you have to say!

A light read, a powerful shock treatment to anyone thinking of relationships, getting ready to tie the knot, or in a relationship and wondering what went wrong?

A very direct and harsh set of questions to ask yourself, answering is up to you! But trust me on the deep insider information.

Usual and conventional doesn't exist in Mamdooh's book, especially when you know that he's been in and out of marriage twice, meaning two of everything; Love, heart breaks, disappointment and now is a much wiser and knowledgable individual based on personal experience.

If you want honest and real advice, it rarely gets better than this.
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