Bridges, Gary William Burns
Gary William Burns


Inner peace and harmony; this book of poetry was written for those seeking an inner peace and harmony through reflective contemplation.  The meditative poems in this inspiring book of poetry will enrich your well-being by providing calming and thoughtful moments.
You will experience a stress-free tempo flowing through these calming and meditative poems. Judith I. Rairigh says, «Your writings do certainly create within the reader a sense of relaxation and thoughtful contemplation.»
These meditative poems provide a sense of balance and tranquility. The calming poems in this book of poetry speak of wholeness and fosters well-being.  The poetry is accessible and extols inner peacefulness, freedom and love.
This volume of poetry makes is a nice book to have by your favorite chair or your favorite place of reading and there to read now and again to create a meditative and calming retreat from a stressful busy world.
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