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Tan Wee Cheng

Exotic Lands and Dodgy Places. Adventures through Greenland, The Amazon and other Far-Out Places

Distant Lands and Dodgy Places chronicles the adventures of intrepid traveller Tan Wee Cheng — from witnessing an Eskimo seal hunt in icy Greenland to meeting Chinese stranded in Paraguay and The Amazon, and arriving in chaotic Comoros just as a volcanic eruption threatens to blow the capital apart. Hot on the heels of his runaway success Hot Spots and Dodgy Places, Distant Lands follows Wee Cheng into the heart of Mauritius, Land of the Dodo, and across the exotic Land of Many Waters in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, where he sidesteps a drug proposition and survives nearly being mobbed at the chaotic French border. From partying in Columbia as the world’s longest civil war rages on in the surrounding countryside, to risking life and limb with Cypriot gangsters and a host of other dangers — Wee Cheng has done it all.
Forget the package tour and venture into the unknown from the comfort of your armchair!
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