Thomas DiPaolo

Daddy: A Simple Guide to Coping With the Loss of Family, Finding Peace and Setting Priorities as a Newly Single Father

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The transition from a family life to being a single parent can be devastating for a man. The challenges seem insurmountable and the pain, endless. As a man you constantly question “why” or “how did this happen?” Certainly it was not planned and in many cases you fought long and hard for your family only to find yourself exactly where you had hoped and prayed you would never be.
The goal of this book is to help you understand your new life as a single father and navigate its many difficulties. It will help you to release the past and accept your new life in an effort to provide a better environment for your child. It will help you chose the best path forward in continuing to be a steady presence in your child’s life. This book will also help you to move forward in your own existance, finding new independance and confidence. As a single parent you can dictate and guide your recovery in a positive way and once again take control of your life embracing that which is most important; your role as a daddy.
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