A Joosr Guide to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, Joosr

A Joosr Guide to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

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Why is it that no matter how much tidying is done each day, there is a never-ending source of clutter waiting to overtake every home? You can learn why your home is plagued with clutter, and what you can do to drive it completely from your life once and for all.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is your personal guide to defeating clutter and taking control of your home. What many people don't realize is that clutter is the result of too many possessions, and that most of these possessions are completely unnecessary. By identifying the disposable things and organizing those that remain into perfect order, you can get rid of clutter and lead a tidier, happier life.

You will learn:

· How to differentiate between possessions with meaning and those which are disposable

· Why defeating clutter with the KonMari method can give you power over the rest of your life

· How you can break your possessions into easy to manage categories in order to get organized.
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Why there is no such illustration to make it easier?

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Practice confident decision making by resolving which possessions to keep and which to discard and you will be better at making confident decisions everywhere else in your life. Learn to let go of the things that bring you no joy, and you will learn to do so with emotional baggage and people as well. Take control of your home by putting everything into an order of your choosing, and you will be better able to organize the rest of your life with your newly refined skills
Lera Shabalina
Lera Shabalinacompartió una citahace 10 meses
Begin your decluttering process by picturing your end goal, and when you are finished, you will be better able to define and picture all of your goals.
Anya Seishin Platunova
Anya Seishin Platunovacompartió una citael año pasado
The best way to prevent clutter is to make it as easy as possible to put things back, rather than easy to get out and use.

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