Joseph Riden

iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide

This book is your new high-end audio component. You may be astounded to hear how good the audio system you already have can sound when you set it up to bring out the very best music a Hi-Fi system can play. Starting with fundamentals for new enthusiasts, this book covers Hi-Fi system setup and performance tuning extensively, including advanced approaches such as sourcing computer audio, anti-vibration treatment, acoustic room conditioning, and even how your audio furniture can help music you love sound best.

Time invested in system tuning is highly rewarding when you understand exactly what to do and how to avoid common errors. This practical handbook brings you:

Guidance learned from decades of audio system optimizing
Practical, usable advice, without heavy science and no math
Methods to correct specific faults and avoid common issues
Powerful, easy-to-use, proven, and accepted technologies
Easy reading from a lifelong audio buff, music lover, and engineer
An industrial designer’s furniture tips for more realistic music

True music lovers want their Hi-Fi systems to sound fabulous in their spaces. Yet most home systems never sound the very best they can. Learn in detail how to implement superb playback while you also save cash on audio gear. Set up your system per these best practices and you’ll enjoy the very best music your system can play, whether from digital files, online streaming, or old-school sources like physical LPs and CDs.

You’ll be delighted to demonstrate how great your well-tuned system sounds. Even one tip you learn inside this book could make the cost and reading effort worthwhile.
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