Thomas DiPaolo

The Secret to Leadership How Not to Suck: An Explanation As to Why Leaders Fail and a Simplified and Different Approach to Becoming an Effective and Respected Leader

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The Secret to Leadership: How to Not Suck, takes a different view and approach to leadership study. This book will help break down the very basic principles of effective leaders and strip away the over complicated and intimidating ideas that currently exist within leadership study. It will help you to identify flawed practices and concepts of leadership which should be eliminated and refocus on the basic principles of successful leaders. Sculpture's are not created by constantly adding material in hopes of creating a work of art but rather by removing material. Like carving a sculpture the strategy is to carve away material that is useless, and which hides truth, to reveal your vision which lies beneath. Through the process of carving away over complicated theories in leadership you can help identify and refine your leadership style which enhances your effectiveness and abilities. This book focuses on internal exploration and self reflection as opposed to searching externally for new ideas or gimmicks.
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