M.J. Ryan

Happiness Makeover

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We all want the things that we're sure will make us happy – money, success, independence, love. But when we finally get them, we can find to our surprise that we are the same miserable, moody or just neutral people we always were. Why is that? Is our ability to be happy genetically programmed in us like the colour of our eyes? Luckily no. You can teach yourself to be happy and enjoy every day and M.J. Ryan, bestselling author of The Power of Patience and Attitudes of Gratitude, shows you how. In her international coaching practice, M.J. Ryan has shown hundreds of clients how to find and really feel the joy in their lives. She gives them tools to unearth what stands in their way and revolutionise the way they experience life. THE HAPPINESS MAKEOVER draws on this wide-ranging knowledge and presents a plan that will help readers: clear away happiness hindrances like worry, fear, envy and grudges discover happiness boosters literally rewire their brains to experience contentment – even joy learn to think optimistically (It really is possible!) Full of moving stories, inspiring quotes and the wisdom of one who has been there before, THE HAPPINESS MAKEOVER offers the means to find elusive happiness at last.
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