M.James Ziccardi

Roman Stoicism: Words to Live (and Die) By

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This book is an assemblage of some of the most insightful and enlightening ideas which have been extracted from the writings of four of the most influential figures in the philosophy of Stoicism: Seneca, Musonius Rufus, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. It is hoped that through this amalgamation of Stoic thought the reader will come away with a clear and concise understanding of this most noble of philosophies.

Included in the books are the ideas put forward in the following works:

* On The Shortness of Life
* On Anger
* On The Happy Life
* On Peace of Mind

* The Discourses of Epictetus
* The Enchiridion

Marcus Aurelius
* Meditations

As a bonus, an Appendix has been included containing selected beliefs of the stoic philosophers categorized by subject matter (i.e. Pain and Suffering, Anger, etc.). This may assist the reader in comparing and contrasting stoic beliefs between the philosophers more easily.
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    Furthermore, since wealth, all manner of physical pleasure, and even our very lives and the lives of our loved ones are fleeting, it is folly to invest our happiness in them, for all of them are beyond our control and will be taken from us at some time or another. The best way to regard external things, therefore, is to be thankful for the time we have with them and to graciously give them up when the time arrives
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    it is foolish to place one’s happiness in external things, whatever they may be. This means that true happiness lies not within anything external, but entirely within our very selves.
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    only those things that fall within our control have the power to harm us, and then only if we let them

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