AW Tozer

The Christian Book of Mystical Verse

The motive of this book is to bring together in one convenient volume some of the best devotional verse the English language affords, and thus to make available to present day Christians a rich spiritual heritage which the greater number of them for various reasons do not now enjoy. The book includes works by Isaac Watts, Oliver Wendell Holmes, F.W. Faber, Milman, Shirley, Wesley, Rossetti, Gerhardt, Pollock, Tate, Brady, Tersteegen, Ware, Nicolai, Bonar and others.
Tozer served forty-four years of ministry, associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, a Protestant evangelical denomination; thirty-three of those years were served as a pastor in a number of churches. Tozer is the author of dozens of books, two of which, 'The Pursuit of God' and 'The Knowledge of the Holy', are considered classics. His books inspire the reader, the possibility and necessity for a deeper connection with God.
Both intimate and exhilarating, 'The Christian Book of Mystical Verse' is a book for anyone who seeks to worship God, and who finds the rich language of Christians of old a great help in that endeavor.
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