Charles de Lint

Dreams Underfoot

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Myth, music, and magic, and dreams underfoot .

Welcome to Newford ..

Welcome to the music clubs, the waterfront, the alleyways where ancient myths and magic spill into the modern world. Come meet Jilly, painting wonders in the rough city streets; and Geordie, playing fiddle while he dreams of a ghost; and the Angel of Grasso Street gathering the fey and the wild and the poor and the lost. Gemmins live in abandoned cars, and skells traverse the tunnels below, while mermaids swim in the gray harbor waters and fill the cold night with their song.

Like Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale and John Crowley’s Little, Big, Dreams Underfoot is a mustread book not only for fans of urban fantasy but for all those who seek magic in everyday life.

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“In de Lint’s capable hands, modern fantasy becomes something other than escapism. It becomes folk song,—the stuff of urban myth.”

— The Phoenix Gazette

“Charles de Lint shows that, far from being escapism, contemporary fantasy can be the deep mythic literature of our time.”

—The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
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