La guia de Buena Salud para un corazon sano, Jane L. Delgado
Jane L. Delgado

La guia de Buena Salud para un corazon sano

Available in both English and Spanish-language editions, The Buena Salud™ Guides present the best in health advice and cutting-edge science, with real-life stories featured throughout. Written by the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, the books are thoroughly reviewed by a panel of leading health experts and medical professionals.
Opening with a personal story from Dr. Delgado about her mother's experience with heart disease, this invaluable guide details everything readers need to know about the leading cause of death for all men and women in the U.S.
Guia de Buena Salud™ para un corazon sano explains:
how the heart is only part of a complex system how heart problems develop and what can be done to avoid them achievable lifestyle changes to maintain heart health
Special sections include information on the Top 20 things your health care provider may say (and understanding what it really means)

key questions for your health provider tools to help you make activity a daily part of life resources for eating heart healthy con sabor (with flavor) and where to get information you can trust in both English and Spanish on the Internet.
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