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How do museums respond to the urgency of the moment?

In what ways can they be transformed to foster justice work? Fwd: Museums Journal, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication, shares critical analysis, interventions, and dialogs focused on museums and other sites of cultural work. Our contributors reexamine, critique and challenge museums as socially responsive spaces.

In our fifth issue, themed “Home,” you will find visual art, essays, poetry, research, reviews and other creative forms addressing:

>> The interrelatedness of baskets, weaving, and home
>> Decolonizing parklands and conservation
>> Ancestors who are howling, yet can teach us to survive every day
>> Sankofa journeys centering African American homes and history
>> University library exhibitions as feminist pedagogy
>> Transforming the white cube

Now it's your turn.
We're looking Fwd to continuing the conversation.

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