Nikkyea Williams

Prison Break

I wrote this book because God graced me to do it! I am sharing my story praying that it helps someone else to Trust God more, listen for God more, Seek God More, and most of all Obey what God says! This book is a witness that God can use anyone in any position to be a help to another person. The person you are counting out could very well be the one chosen to help get you to your next level! So let's walk in Matthew 7. Do not judge others, no matter what the situation. You are no better than the next person.
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    sajidhussainnicecompartió una citahace 5 años

    Have you ever been broken?
    I have, a few times.
    I guess it depends on what kind of “break” you’re speaking of.
    I know that when you see the title “Prison Break” your mind instantly goes to a physical person breaking out of Prison…
    That is just how the mind is programmed to think, but were going to change that thought pattern with this story.

    This story is about a young woman who walked through a year and a half journey with a man that would be her mate…. Or not?
    It will let you in on how she was broken in many different ways during this process and how God used her and built her into who she is today.
    She had to be Broken in - in order to Break Forth and get Revelation and a Break-through
    A couples Journey into righteousness and beyond the prison walls
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