Veronica Sloan

Deflowering The Ginger Twins

Arnold's always had a crush on his cute stepsister Serena, and she's always been happy to tease him. That is, until the day she asks him for a kinky favor. It seems her virgin cousins are finally interested in men, and they want Arnold to educate them on male anatomy. When he agrees, Serena makes him a deal: Satisfy the horny twins in whatever way they want, and she'll give him what he's been dreaming of since their parents got married!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The twins were only interested in exploring the one thing they desperately wanted: Boyfriends. Their father had prohibited them from even holding hands with a boy, rendering the whole male gender an alien race. They'd spent a lot of their childhoods being homeschooled before the state ordered their parents to give them a real education. Even then, their four years of high school were spent at a strict – and pricey – all girls academy.

Serena explained most of this to me in the kitchen when I got home that Friday. “So they're looking for a place to crash for a few day. Just want to decompress, get away from their mom. Is that cool?”I shrugged. “Sure. They're neat, they're cute, and they're very polite. I never mind getting a visit from the ginger twins.”Serena smiled. Even a little gesture like her pulling her bangs out of her eyes was a magic spell to me. “Yeah, well, you might not say that if you knew what they wanted to do this weekend. Vanessa's real keen to understand male anatomy. I think she's already fooled around with boys behind her parents' back but probably nothing more serious than some kissing and groping. But, now that they think everything their father told them was a lie, they want to experience boys.” “'Experience' boys?”Serena giggled. “Basically, they're both really horny, but they have no idea what 'horny' is.""Everyone knows what horny is,” I said. “Doesn't matter if you've never even heard the word 'sex,' when you get that tingle you know what's up.”Serena shook her head. “You haven't spent as much time with their family as I have. They're super innocent. And that's the problem. They're both cute, they're both eager, it wouldn't be hard to get a dude over here to show them his junk – but I don't know anybody I'd trust not to take full advantage of them.""Isn't that what they want anyway?”Serena made a face. “I guess? I dunno. If you were dragged into a stranger's house and told to whip yourself out for a couple of leggy Mormons, what would you do?""Anything they wanted,” I said.”Right, but would you care about their first time? Would you respect them? Go slow with them?""I…” I tried to separate myself from what I knew about the gingers. Serena thought she'd made her point. “See? So I have to find them a guy who's willing to show them what he's got, but not take advantage.""Okay,” I said, but something didn't add up. I took a swig of my beer and looked at Serena. Really looked at her. She was as hot as she'd ever been, her hair a crisp chestnut and her bangs trim and framing her heart-shaped face. Her cheek bones were prominent and slender and her eyes were bright and sly. “You want to watch, don't you?”She feigned surprise. “What? Nooooo.”
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