Veronica Sloan

Dad’s Big Secret

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Poor Brittany. She's a very
good girl with one very dirty secret: She's always wanted a man with a few
extra inches down below. It's too bad she keeps hooking up with guys who fall
short of her expectations. That's why she's spending her Friday night making
dinner for her handsome, widowed father instead of pursuing another
disappointing hookup.

But when she accidentally
sees her father leaving the shower, she learns he has a secret all his own:
He's got a huge package! Will Brittany commit the ultimate taboo just to
satisfy her desire?

Excerpt ~~~~~

don't know how I finished making dinner. I really don't. I don't remember any of that at all. I just remember desperately trying to keep my hands busy in order to prevent myself from grabbing my dad's shorts and demanding that he
show me what he'd been hiding from me all these years.

“You need to chill
out,” I kept whispering to myself.

At some point my father asked
what happened to my shirt. I just smiled and laughed it off. He asked if I felt
okay, because my face was red. I just shrugged and tried not to look as crazy
as I felt.

And what, exactly, did I feel? I felt a constant, growing ache between my legs. I felt a dire need to be

So call someone, a small
voice in my head kept saying. Call Johnny or Ben, either of the guys who still
lived in town. Neither of them would say no to a little backseat action on a
Friday night.

But I don't want a “little” backseat action on a Friday night, I argued with myself. I want… Oh, God, I want…

Sitting across from my father, I did my best to tell him how work was going, how I liked living in the
city. I tried my best to listen to his stories about his latest clients, and I laughed when he mentioned the latest incident involving a couple of meatheads
who were constantly breaking machines. Meanwhile, under the table, I had
crossed my legs so hard I'm sure my knees were turning white. And I could not
stop thinking about it.

It's so close to me, I kept
thinking. If I kicked back my chair, got on my hands and knees and crawled to him under the table, it would be right in front of my nose. My mouth.

But he's your father,

“So, um, Dad,” I
said, taking a sip of wine to calm my nerves. “Are you seeing anyone right

He didn't even look up. He just shook his head, swirling his spaghetti.

“How long has it been?” I asked. My thighs tightened under the table.

He sighed. “I dunno,
honey. It's just tough sometimes.”

I frowned. “Oh, come on.
You're in great shape. You tell really corny jokes, but you can keep that on the DL. What's the matter?”

He shrugged. “I just
can't see myself with anyone else,” he said. “Maybe in the future,
but…now, I just don't know.”

Couldn't see himself with
anyone else, or couldn't see himself IN anyone else? I wondered.

“Are you scared?” I teased.

He laughed. “No,

“Well, what was it about
Mom that made you so attracted to her?”

“Mm, this was great.” He finished his plate and swept up his napkin to dab his lips and chin. Then he looked up in thought. “I guess, with your mom, it was that
she was always so open, so confident. You know, there's nothing she wouldn't
do. She wanted to try everything, go everywhere. She was so adventurous. I could see it in her eyes when we first met, but I didn't really realize it until much later.”

He picked up his plate and circled the table to grab mine. “Great meal, honey. As always.” He pecked me on the cheek and I felt my whole body flush. “You have any plans
for tonight?” he asked. “I have a couple documentaries saved on the
TV. I thought I might check one out.”

A nice daddy/daughter
evening, sitting on the couch with a movie. Yes, nothing wrong with that.
Unless I had a hot date tonight. Which I didn't. Or I planned to call Johnny.
And I wouldn't.

Quietly, I reached between my legs. “That sounds
nice,” I said. “Let me just change into something more
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