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Anna Kylie is a smart, pretty, third-year-student in Sociology. She is a perfectly ordinary young woman with a perfectly ordinary life… except for that part where she's willingly entered an arrangement to carry a child for Aiden and Hamilton, two Alpha Werewolves. The arrangement promises to be straightforward and simple.

It is, of course, anything but.

The eighteen-year-old is in completely over her head when the two Alphas start competing against each other for her affection.

This is a steamy love story between a young woman and her first experience with two powerful alphas with a HEA.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Are you two married?”

Aiden smiles while Hamilton looks slightly disgusted she would even think that. “No. We're part of the same pack. I understand the confusion, however. The site requires a picture of a couple.”

“And you're both looking for surrogates, or just one of you?”

“In a way, both,” Aiden answers. “We share the position of pack leader in our pack, so things are a little complicated for now. Thankfully, due to our shared DNA, it would not matter either way which one of us impregnates you.”

“Twins,” she says, the pieces clicking together. It explains why they look so similar.

“Identical twins,” Hamilton says, which surprises her. There are enough differences in the men's faces to allow her to tell them apart.

There's a pause as she tries to think of another question. It doesn't take her long. “Why are you looking to have children since neither of you are mated?”

Again, Aiden is the one to answer. “We aren't getting any younger.”

“Okay,” she says, accepting the answer easily. They have urges, same as hers. Only, their urge to procreate is twenty years later. “Who's going to be the father?”

“We both are,” Aiden says. “We will share custody of the baby, as we've shared custody of everything else we own.”

“Not everything,” Hamilton says. “We have our own lives, Aiden. We just share the pack.”

“The pack, the house, and our future child.”

Hamilton does not seem to be happy with the co-dependency that Aiden seems to be cultivating for each other. Anna doesn't know what to think. It's such a peculiar arrangement. Perhaps she should find other candidates, other couples that aren't so complicated.

“Why?” she asks.

Both men turn to her at once. “Why what?”

“Why do this? Why not have two surrogates and two children. You seem to share so much already. Perhaps it would be best if you didn't share this too?”

Aiden frowns, like the thought has never crossed his mind before. Hamilton looks pleased by her suggestion. “That's a good idea, Aiden. Perhaps you should look for another hucow.”

“I found this one. You can look for your own,” is the brother's immediate response.

The two men proceed to glare daggers at each other, growling in that feral manner she's only seen Alphas do in soap operas. Anna's sorry she's opened her mouth and suggested anything at all.
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