Faith Under Fire Participant's Guide, Garry D. Poole, Lee Strobel
Garry D. Poole,Lee Strobel

Faith Under Fire Participant's Guide

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This dynamic study answers tough questions about the existence of God, Christianity and Islam, the reliability of the Bible, faith and science, and many others. Best-selling author Lee Strobel hosts spirited discussions between well-respected Christians, people of other faiths, or people with no faith at all on the most important spiritual and social issues.This Participant’s Guide will help you  sift through controversial and relevant issues that surround the Christian faith and many of its most pertinent cultural issues. Each session features discussion in which leading Christian and non-Christian voices engage in forceful but fair debate. Lee Strobel provides additional comments to guide small group discussion.
Session titles include:

Is the Supernatural Real?
Is Jesus a Prophet or the Son of God?
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
Do All Roads Lead to God?
Is the Bible Bogus?
Does Science Point to a Creator?
Is Anything Beyond Forgiveness?
Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
The Mystery of the Trinity?
Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
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