Carol Marinelli,Marion Lennox,MELANIE MILBURNE,Jennifer Taylor,Tina Beckett,Amalie Berlin,Robin Gianna,Karin Baine,Louisa George,Fiona Lowe

The Best Of The Year – Medical Romance

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{"strong"=>["M&B brings you the very best Medical Romances of 2015 in twelve lovely romances to renew your faith in life — and love! This wonderful collection includes:"]}
How to Find a Man in Five Dates by Tina Beckett
A Date with Her Valentine Doc by Melanie Milburne
Baby Twins to Bind Them by Carol Marinelli
Meant-To-Be Family by Marion Lennox
Tempted by Her Italian Surgeon by Louisa George
Her Greek Doctor’s Proposal by Robin Gianna
Unlocking Her Surgeon’s Heart by Fiona Lowe
Best Friend to Perfect Bride by Jennifer Taylor
French Fling to Forever by Karin Baine
Falling for Her Reluctant Sheikh by Amalie Berlin
A Touch of Christmas Magic by Scarlet Wilson
A Mummy to Make Christmas by Susanne Hampton
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