John Richard Green

The History of the English People (All 8 Volumes)

The History of the English People in eight volumes is a work of social history, dealing with the origin and development of the British nation, focusing on the events that played a big role in the formation of the nation. Starting from the early middle ages, the work goes from early origins of the waves of migration of the people who became the Britons and ends up in the Empire period of the late 19th century.
Volume I — Early England, 449–1071; Foreign Kings, 1071–1204; The Charter, 1204–1216
Volume II — The Charter, 1216–1307; The Parliament, 1307–1400
Volume III — The Parliament, 1399–1461; The Monarchy 1461–1540
Volume IV — The Reformation, 1540–1593
Volume V — Puritan England, 1603–1660
Volume VI — Puritan England, 1642–1660; The Revolution, 1660–1683
Volume VII — The Revolution, 1683–1760; Modern England, 1760–1767
Volume VIII — Modern England, 1760–1815
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