Fiona Mcarthur

Dr Bennett's Babies

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Dr Bennett's Babies

Book 2 in Healing Hands — Doctors By Specialty Series

Coogee is one of those beach suburbs in Sydney where you could just settle down for ever. Great surf, great restaurants, great hotels and fabulous old houses. And Coogee is not far from those iconic Sydney hospitals where Doctors By Specialty offer their particular healing.
This time meet Marcus and Tilly in the battle of the birth suites. Can the past that haunts Marcus, the hospital's new obstetrician, be healed by everyone's favourite, midwife Tilly?

Meet the men and women who offer life-changing skills and dedication in their particular area of expertise as they find wonderful partners in medicine and life. A sweet medical romance by Fiona McArthur — winner of the 2020 RWAustralia Contemporary Romance Of the Year.

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