Kim Lawrence,Margaret Barker,Sara Wood

In the Greek's Bed

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{"strong"=>["The Greek Tycoon’s Wife"], “em”=>[" by Kim Lawrence "]}
Nikos Lakis is cool, controlled and infinitely sexy — and he’s also married to a woman who has never been his lover. Katerina hasn’t seen her husband since their wedding day…until their accidental reunion ignites an uncontrollable passion.
{"strong"=>["The Greek Millionaire’s Marriage “], “em”=>["by Sara Wood "]}
Olivia has asked for a divorce from headstrong tycoon Dimitri Angelaki, but he has a surprise counterproposal: fake a temporary reconciliation and he will set her free. But they cannot deny the desire that still simmers between them…
{"strong"=>["The Greek Surgeon “], “em”=>["by Margaret Barker”]}
Demelza Tregarron came to Greece to escape her life, and found herself in the arms of delectable Dr Nick Capodistrias. Nick and his young son, Ianni, seem to be the family she’s longed for. Can their new bond survive a shocking surprise from Nick’s past?
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