Laura Lovecraft

How Does Your Wife Look Now?

Brenda is concerned about her marriage. After fifteen years her husband Greg suddenly has no interest in her. For months they have barely had sex and when do it seems as if he isn't into it. She keeps trying, but after their last attempt ends in Greg totally humiliating her she wonders what she's done that he is now so cold to her.
In the meantime Brenda has been satisfying herself by indulging in fantasies about Chad, their young hot landscaper. Things get worse when Chad tells her he saw Greg come home with a young woman and taped them having sex in their very bed!
During the video Greg is mocking Brenda, looking at their picture and asking how he looks while having sex with his girlfriend. Enraged and humiliated she decides to use Chad's lust for her to her advantage. After going to pick up some special toys at a fetish store Brenda arranges for Chad to come over the next morning where in front of her gagged and bound husband, Brenda is about to put on one hell of a show.
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