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Lynne Graham

Bought for the Greek's Revenge

    Vijaya Vijayacompartió su opiniónhace 9 meses

    I am a huge fan of Lynne Graham, read all the books written by her, baring two books I love all other.i love her heroines for their strong personality, Feistiness, boldness, self-respect, waiting for right man to give herself, (not sleeping around with some random guy just because it is in thing or expected of her) as soon as I come across where heroines have physical relationship with other guys, I just stop reading those books, it loses its charm, that is why I am so particular about selecting books and their authors... And her hero are arrogant, MCP, but fair and do listen and respect heroines.. Her books are some time silly some time funny, some time emotional and lovable but love them any way....

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