Marilyn Fae

Surrender To Men

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Anna is a young eighteen-year-old cow-shifter who's finally getting married. Luke must think the world of her. He's willing to pay a hefty dowry to bring her home, after all. Except it's all a lie. Luke isn't at all what she expects him to be. He brings his friends into their marriage bed and shows them his prized shifter. She's the stuff wet dreams are made of.

He ruins her in every way imaginable with his little games involving ropes and bondage, exhibitionism and humiliation, intermingling pain and pleasure until both are able to get her off just as easily. Things grow to a head when he finally brings an Alpha Werewolf into their bedroom. Dominic is nothing like her husband. He's kind and loving… and he's so much better in bed. She knows she's married and won't do anything to jeopardize their marriage.

But when things fall apart, she may not have a choice.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Thanks for dinner, babe.” Duke's lips are on her neck a second later and she scrunches her nose because she's already taken a bath and she doesn't want his mouth on her right now. “Dominic's going to come over to watch a game with me later,” he says like he's talking about the weather. His other hand is on her upper thigh, hiking her dress up to feel her bare skin.

It takes a moment for his words to sink in and she quickly jerks away. “Then you shouldn't— you shouldn't do this,” she whispers, blushing brightly at the thought of getting caught by the bigger man. Dominic is imposing not just because the prey in her recognizes that he's a werewolf, but because he carries himself differently, like he's on another level compared to the other men — boys, compared to him. His muscles are lithe, but powerful, like he uses them instead of taking copious protein shakes to get them. She had watched him stop a fight before.

The guys had gotten too drunk and was arguing over something that had happened on the TV. Fists were thrown and before either man could hurt the other more severely, he had intervened, pinning both down with his hands on their necks, muscles on his forearms bulging, upper lip pulled back in a snarl that is more animal than human. “Behave,” he growled like a parent disciplining young children. Everyone stood rooted to the spot, too afraid to move with the obvious predator in the room. It was an insanely attractive sight and she had gotten more than a little wet from it.

It hadn't gone unnoticed too. She remembers the way his nostrils flared and he had looked up at her with an expression that is indescribable.

Duke's laugh brings her attention back to him. He plucks the tablet from her hands despite her protest. “I was thinking a quickie before he shows,” he says, pulling her clothes off with little finesse. “Or he can always watch. Don't think Luke and I haven't noticed the way he looks at you.”

He looks at me like a person, she thinks to herself. She bites the inside of her cheeks.

“He wants you,” Duke says. “But he's too polite to ask properly.”
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