Tantric Transformation

In the 'Tantric Transformation' we are introduced to the sacred and ancient tradition of Tantra by a contemporary Tantric master, Osho. We are given a detailed map of Tantra: inner man, inner woman; the meeting of man and woman; the transformation of energy through sex, love and meditation. Based on the Royal Song of Saraha, we are not just introduced to an Asian sex tradition but with Osho we enter the higher levels of transformation.Here we find Tantra as a door to freedom: freedom from all mind-constructs, mind games; freedom from all structures and freedom from the other.Love and meditation merge and provide a path to liberation.'Tantric Transformation' is a very alive, concrete book for exploration of our own energy, of our own inner space. You don't just read Osho, you undefine yourself.
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    Always remember: your highest experience is reflected in your lowest experiences.
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    When you have known the last, the last starts being reflected in everything you do.
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    Continuously fighting… The society has divided you into a split person, it has made you schizophrenic and it has confused you.

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