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Quick Quiz Questions Pub Quiz At Home: TV & Films Round Quizzes and Quiz shows have always been popular, whether it is Mastermind with Magnus Magnusson, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with Chris Tarrant or The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson it is clear that people LOVE quizzes. This quiz book is our fourth in the Pub Quiz At Home series. Inside are 15 quick TV & Films quizzes of varying degrees of difficulty for example: Which villain does Heath Ledger play in 'The Dark Knight'? What's the name of the dog in the Tom and Jerry cartoons? What was the name of the mouse in the film The Green Mile? So how good is your TV & Films knowledge? Find out with this book, a few friends and a few drinks! Please enjoy this book responsibly. PS. This book comes with Free updates for life! Which means whenever we add new quizzes you will be able to update to the latest edition adding more questions at no extra cost. Can't say better than that for a pound.
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