Dan Desmarques

The 33 Laws of Persistence

Throughout our life path, we are faced with many challenges that follow precise events in our past. We are also faced with decisions that can lead our life in one way or another, completely different. And not always can we find the answers we need to overcome those challenges and decide what is best for us.

Many people can give you advice on what to do, but not many can explain how each decision is conditioned by the ones who surround you and how they affect your emotions and thought processes. You need experience, precise knowledge about human nature, and plenty of resilience to see that clearly.

Success is then not just the result of following certain steps but also related to your capacity to understand the difficulties that come your way and why they are so powerful to stop you and destroy your achievements. To achieve success, you need a clear understanding of the most important laws that help in reaching for any dream.
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