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A celebration in words and pictures, 20@OMI offers a vivid portrait of a renowned international, nonprofit arts center in upstate New York. This handsome, lavishly illustrated volume recounts how Art Omi grew from its modest beginnings as an artists’ residency program in a converted barn into a thriving arts center boasting four artists residency programs, a sculpture park, a spectacular new visitors’ center and year round arts education for local children all located on a beautiful 120-acre campus dedicated to contemporary art and architecture. This is a story which could only be told in the words of the artists, sculptors, writers, musicians, dancers and architects who have participated in Omi’s various programs over its first twenty years. The book also features revealing accounts from administrators, program directors, curators, critics and mentors who have worked tirelessly to develop Omi into the vibrant community that it is today. 20@OMI also provides readers with an understanding of the alchemy that happens at Omi. How did Omi become such a crucible of creativity? How has Omi made it possible for artists from all over the world, working in every conceivable medium, to come together in a spirit of collaboration? What happens to artists at Omi that can transform their lives and work so profoundly in just a matter of weeks? For all of the thousands of Omi alumni, 20@OMI is essential reading — the next best thing to actually being there. For those who have yet to experience Art Omi, 20@OMI will serve both as an introduction and as an invitation to come visit.
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