Engstrom W Robert

Hope-Filled Healthcare for Mental Illness

Hope-Filled Healthcare for Mental Illness, by Robert W. Engstrom, is a clarion call for respectful, compassionate interdisciplinary whole-person care for those suffering from mental illness. Even though the spiritual may seem immeasurable, the author convincingly argues that the compassionate care of an interdisciplinary team, including spiritual support, is essential to the long-term effectiveness of treatment provided to the mentally ill. All caregivers who have contact with the mentally ill, whether in a clinical or non-clinical setting, and whether they are trained psychiatric professionals or not, will find this book to be an indispensable look into the world of people with mental illness and how to help them. The resources and patient questionnaires included will help you take whole-person care for the mentally ill to the next level.

The AdventHealth Healthcare & Leadership Monograph Series is an innovative teaching and learning tool from the largest admitting hospital in America. Ideal for healthcare professionals, leadership innovators, researchers, teachers, students, and other pioneering professionals-each volume provides focused, relevant training for individuals and organizations with break-through thinking on a wide variety of healthcare and leadership topics.

The monograph series includes several unique features that make them:
Authoritative — All monographs are written by leading experts in their field and peer reviewed for publication.Practical — With an emphasis on outcomes, each monograph moves beyond theory to focus on providing useful solutions professionals can put into practice right away and experience results.Concise — Each volume covers its topic succinctly-usually in 75 pages or less. Brief, but never shallow, they are perfect for busy professionals seeking fresh insights in under two hours.Holistic — Monographs seek to cover each topic from a Whole Person Health perspective. That is, recognition that health, healing and personal growth occur best in an environment where mind, body and spirit are nurtured.
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