Marilyn Fae

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When Alpha Liam hunts down the intruder in his territory, the last thing he expects is for the man to tell him that he is from the government. He offers him something that no sane man would refuse: A strong Shifter mate.

The only information he is given about her is that she is half-feral and has already fought off several Alpha Shifters. He is her last hope.

Alpha Liam has always enjoyed a good hunt. He tells them to let her free. He'll catch her.

He isn't prepared for the beautiful creature who smells like desire and desperation, just begging to be claimed, nor is he ready for both of them to lose control completely out in the open space.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Liam has the intruder pinned on the ground, fangs bared and saliva dripping onto his face before he even realized what's happened.

He considers killing the man on the spot, but he waves a piece of paper in front of him and holds it like a shield and Liam stops because he hasn't gone completely feral. He is tempted to kill the man from trespassing, but there are laws against that now.

It never fails to surprise him how much things have changed. Once upon a time, no one would have batted an eye if he had killed the man on the spot, but now that sort of behavior is 'illegal'.

He scoffs and steps back, letting the man catch his breath. “Why are you here?” he demands, yanking him up when he takes too long to stand.

It takes the man a few false tries before he can finally form words again and Liam finds himself absolutely fascinated.

“Let her loose, then,” he says was they watch the sun setting over the horizon in his territory. He has one of the biggest and most powerful packs on this side of the world. The view is just icing on the cake.

The man is startled by the request. “Pardon?”

“Let her out in my territory. I'll hunt her down and claim her the proper way.”

“You can't— you can't do that,” he says, aghast. “That's brutal. She's suffered enough trauma already and you're suggested that we let her go through yet another experience like that— she might go entirely feral.”

“Or it having an alpha who's capable of taking her down the proper way may be exactly what she needs right now. You said it yourself, you've tried doing it the other ways— the proper ways, and it's not working. Why not try my way?”

He slams his palms on the table hard enough for the wood to splinter. “Because if this doesn't work, she's going to go feral and it'll be on your head.”

Liam is pleased to have elicited such a reaction from the man.

“You and I both know I've done much worse for less,” he grins. “You came to me for help, which means the situation is dire enough that nobody else knows how to deal with it. Face it, I am her last chance and I'm doing this my way.”

He has never been one to turn down a challenge. He thrives in them, relishes in the way blood sings in his veins. He will enjoy hunting her down.
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