Paris Hilton – Biography Series, Matt Green
Matt Green

Paris Hilton – Biography Series

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She is a member of a large and happy family, but isn`t in a hurry to build her own one. She has more than 35 pets, but has no children.
She has standard body, so used it in Model business. Her face is rather pretty, than beautiful, but this is the face of world-famous brands.
She is brunette and has brown eyes, but dies blond and wears blue lenses.
She is American, but her ethnicity includes Irish, Italian, Norwegian, German, French and possibly Swiss.
Her awful behavior caused the lost of a heritage of 60 million, but she earned near 10 millions herself in 2013. She has an estimated net worth of $100 million.
Paris Whitney Hilton is model and actress, singer and writer, fashion designer and perfumer, celebrity and DJ. The word “jetsetter” explains her better.
Whoever was she with a different name?

For more interesting facts you must read her biography.
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