Andre Smirnov,Kent Truck” Sundling

Truck Nuts

“Sundling and Smirnov talk complicated auto topics in an accessible, funny way that even truck novices can chuckle at and appreciate.” —Nikki Work, editor of The Fence Post

A #1 Automotive Buyers’ Guides Bestseller

So, truck nuts—your truck is your career, your office, your passion, your attitude. What is the best truck for you? Kent “Mr. Truck” Sundling from MrTruck.com and Andre Smirnov from The Fast Lane Trucks will explore that question and more in their book, Truck Nuts. Learn about small trucks, big trucks, diesel trucks, family trucks and vans, pickup trucks, and much more.

Truck Nuts takes on the challenge of breaking down all the ins and outs of trucks, including:How to match your truck to your trailerTop 3 MPG trucksUsed truck judgingGas or diesel engine?Understanding truck and trailer tiresTruck safetyGoing off the beaten pathThe future of pickup trucksOil change myths

“A fun, in-depth read about the pick-up truck industry. Kent & Andre have an undeniable passion for the truck industry and it is clear in their work. They get to experience the behind-the-scenes testing of trucks to help educate us on our truck buying decision. If you’re even a little nuts about trucks, you’ll enjoy and certainly learn more with this unique book!” —Ben Janssen, sales director of Cimarron Trailers, truck owner & enthusiast

“Kent’s writing style is way more than entertaining, it is information you can’t get from anywhere else. This guy knows more about trucks than anyone I know. If you own a truck, or want to, this is required reading.” —Dave Mattern, HorseTrailerWorld.com, WorkingTruckWorld.com
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