Christy McKellen,Lisa Childs,Zara Cox,Avril Tremayne

The Dare Collection November 2018

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Introduce yourself to Mills & Boon’s sexiest series yet!
{"strong"=>["Worth the Risk by Zara Cox"]}
{"strong"=>["“I like to win at all costs…” But wanting her could cost him everything."]}
With a multi-billion-dollar deal on the line, billionaire playboy Gideon Mortimer can't afford another tabloid scandal. He's committed to a chastity contract, but being on the same yacht as Leonie Branson—temptation personified—is pure, unadulterated torture. Relinquishing control of their thrilling sexual chemistry to tenacious Leonie feels tantalizingly worth the risk—to his reputation and his well-protected heart.
Legal Desire by Lisa Childs
{"strong"=>["Innocent until proven wicked. He'll need all his powers of seduction…"]}
Lawyer Trevor Sinclair knows that gorgeous ice-cold queen Allison McCann is sabotaging his firm. All he needs is proof—a plan that involves a little deception…and a whole lot of sizzling seduction! But no one warned him that her chilly exterior hides a desire as hot as his own. Is it entrapment if they're both playing with fire?
{"strong"=>["Wild Child by Christy McKellan"]}
{"strong"=>["Mixing business with pleasure…is a dangerous game!"]}
Party girl Maya Darlington-Hume feels an illicit thrill when a gorgeous man walks in on her naked. When she discovers the sexy stranger is her father’s business associate and her new boss, she naughtily decides to turn up the heat—and Benedict Chivers can’t resist her for long. Maya could lose everything if her controlling father finds out, but each encounter leaves her begging for more…!
{"strong"=>["Getting Even by Avril Tremayne"]}
{"strong"=>["Want. Need. Lust. Just one more night!"]}
For book editor Veronica Johnson it's sheer hell seeing her ex Rafael Velez again. He's the man she thought she’d be with for a lifetime, and here he is at her best friend’s wedding! How she hates him still! But he has an outrageous proposition: just one more night together! It’s madness—but achingly tempting. Especially if she walks away without a backward glance, just as he did to her…
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