Bruce Hennigan

The 8th Demon

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After his flight crashes in the Alps, Jonathan Steel must overcome the accusation he is a terrorist. Meanwhile, Josh and his new friend, Olivia, are pursued by killers looking for the “Third Eye Interface” belonging to Olivia. They decide to fly to London to find Olivia's mother. Once they arrive at the airport they are taken hostage by a person from Josh's past he believed was dead. Behind it all is Dr. Sultana Thakkar host to the Eighth Demon. Numinocity, Thakkar's creation of an alternate reality will soon entice and enslave the world using the interface. Steel must travel across Europe eluding the authorities to rescue Josh and Olivia. In the process, they all find themselves pulled into the dangerous and deadly world of Numinocity! How will they escape a virtual reality world that carries the very real presence of the supernatural?
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