R. Godara,R. Katoch

Veterinary Parasitology

The Book -Veterinary Parasitology- includes twelve chapters covering major aspects encompassing the field of Veterinary Parasitology. The present volume is a comprehensive update of knowledge related to Parasitology and will be extremely useful for students, teachers, Veterinarians, Researchers, Diagnosticians and others interested in the Science of Parasitology. The book aims to review the problems of parasitic diseases effecting general health and production of livestock and aquatic fauna commonly found in India and suggests ways to tackle these issues. The book discusses in depth extremely important issues of anthelmintic resistance and acaricide resistance hindering the current treatment and control regimes being adopted for management of diseases caused by nematodes and ticks commonly found in India. There is an intricate discussion on risks to public health posed by parasitic zoonoses such as cysticercosis/ taeniosis and ancylostomosis with the suggestions for undertaking management majors to tackle these problems. This edition also gives a thorough appraisal of parasitic diseases prevalent in bovines in India such as fasciolosis, trypanosomosis and theileriosis. In addition, this also includes an extensive overview on myiasis. Recent updates on epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and control of various parasitic diseases have also been included. Parasitic problems associated with aquaculture encountered under Indian conditions along with measures to control these have been given intensive coverage in the present compilation. The information provided in this book will be of immense use to develop sustainable control measures.
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